We sell 5D and 7D cinema equipment to majority of company and individual in Africa, we are representative of major manufacturer in Europe and Asia.

We also supply goods and after sales services including installations and spare parts, Include this equipment as your home cinema for both children and adults, except over 70 years old.

MAGIC KINGDOM plans, sell and install 4D Smart Chairs to be installed in multi-sensory theatres.

With vast experience and cutting-edge technological capabilities, MAGIC KINGDOM is positioned as one of the leading providers of motion effect chair simulators and high definition 3D AV System for various complexes, motion picture cinemas, museums, planetariums, interactive attractions, expos, edutainment centers and theme parks in Africa.

4D Smart Chairs are theatre seats designed to produce various combined sensation effects and enhance the cinematic experience.

By creating a uniquely combined and synchronized ‘visual-sensation’ experience, regular theatres can be easily transformed into exciting multi-sensory theaters.

Each unit includes a bench of chairs (comprising four seats) which are then placed on a multi-leveled floor.

Controlled by a central synchronize system, the effects created by the 4D Smart Chairs become an integral and coordinated part of the projected film.