Great Attraction – And get carried away with the 5D Cinema


Great Attraction – And get carried away with the 5D Cinema, We live in Lagos, Nigeria and this is still a great attraction for us and our kids. Professionally run, and a lot of really great and interesting little critters. Watch the pricing though. For Lagos residents (bring your friend) tickets are N1000/N2000 before 12 midday, and then jump to N2000/N3000 after midday. Also many of the best shows are at and around 12 midday (e.g. Shark Feeding) and so it really is better to come early, save money, and avoid the crowds. Annual membership coming soon, is also very good value. However there is such a load of different pricing options, particularly now they are banding it all together with different types of XD effects, that it makes your head whaoooooooo.

What is definitely not worth paying money for is the 4D (now 5D?) cinema. Glasses are huge and not suitable for kids below 4 years old, the film is constantly focus due to the good 3D effects, and the 4D effects (air jets/bumps to the seat etc.) are OK, but really too contrived and a bit new hat now. I would recommend you to get your ticket now.

Glass-bottom boat is OK, and the kids enjoyed it, but again it really worth the money.

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