Facts About Cinema 5D

Looking for something different, fun and exciting thing to do?

The only cinema you can scream as loud as you can!

The 5D Cinema turns the magic of the short movies into a living reality with a special effects simulator ride.


The cinema has nine comfortable luxury leather seats, and all with high quality technology built in to offer you a unique and exciting experience. The clever electrical motion platform is Six Degrees of Freedom, which allows up and down, front and back, left and right movement in sync with the onscreen activity. Hold onto your seats as it shakes, tilts, rotates, vibrates and turns.


IMG_0327 IMG_0325







IMG_0332IMG_0328The experience also includes the environmental effects such as smoke, fog, bubbles, breezy wind, rain, snow, the effect of ‘running mice’ and more, depending upon the film’s storyline.

Great fun for all ages!

Come down and thrill your senses at Cinema 5D!

For more information: info@magickingdom.com.ng

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