5D motion cinema: Immersive visual and audio enjoyment

5D motion cinema, is made of by three-dimensional film and the surrounding environment simulation which called four-dimensional space. It is based on 3d movie then adds special effects, new video products formed in the simulation, trough linkage to the audience and movie content to stimulate or enhance the immersive effect.

When the audience to see the stereoscopic film, along with the film and television content change, they will real-time feel the storm, lightning, rain, vibration, spray ,leg sweep and so on functions, cooperate with the three-dimensional image. The 5D motion chairs have features such as water, jet, vibration, leg sweep. Environmental simulation theater with the snow, rain, lightning, smoke and other special effects equipment inside, and create a consistent environment of a video content, immersive and thrilling effect. Audience can feel the visual impact. Compared to other types of cinema, with a prominent theme, high technology, realistic effects, entertainment and other features and advantages.

5D/7D Motion Cinema System



 Motion Chair System

Features of the Sixth-Generation motion chair system

The main parts adopt imported components and better compatibility.

Multiple expansion interfaces, counting function, motion speed adjustment.

Self- developed servo systems, precise positioning, a higher degree of smoothness, soft and delicate movements.

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Built-in seat cushion inside, the function can push up and down, realize the vibration of 12 Hz, make the audience feel the up and down “ vibration” feeling.


Leg tickle

Each small elastic air hose under the seat suspension will pat the audience calf place; It can simulate the animals to drill leg of the audience.


Push back

The back of the seat with the new equipment, the effect can push forward, realize 5 Hz the vibration frequency, make the audience feel on the back of the suddenly “vibration”, have intense “Push Back” and “Electric shock” feeling.

Water and air spray to face

Spray a few water to face, simulate sneeze、the pipe broke and so on.

Compressed air directly to the audience’s face, simulate the explosion impact、the bullet flying etc. The jet effect is sprayed by air nozzle in chair, spray to head and neck.


Up and down, left and right, forward and backward, simulate movement of lifting, rolling, and pitching.



Digital Special Effect

Cinema place snow, bubble, rain, lightning, smoke, hair dryers and other special effects equipment.

These devices according to the content of the film, made the corresponding simulation response, simulate the real movie.

Right effects enables viewers to experience immersive and thrilling moviegoing experience.

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Lightning Simulation

Simulate lightning scenes in the film, emitting dazzling lightning, accompanied by the roar of lightning, so that the audiences feel like being at the height of summer thunderstorm days.

 Snow Simulation

Snow machine can efficiently and quickly to man-made snow falling down, making the snow full of the cinema. The audience in the world is dressed in white.

Rain simulation

When the film for a rainy pictures, raining falling down. The audience will truly feel at this time rain fall from the sky, moist his hair and cheeks.


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Windy Simulation

Simulate the wind. Simulation scene in the film blowing scene or a mass of gas flow, a few fan works can make whole theater airflow movement at the same time, the effect of the real wind.

Bubble Simulation

In the underwater world and underwater divers, aquatic animals and plants will spit out a lot of bubble, the bubble machine blown bubbles floating in the cinema.

Flame Simulation

Simulation of the fire, flame effect. Combining with the smoke simulation, scene of combustion and flame, foil hot atmosphere.


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Smoke Simulation

Simulate combustion smoke. Simulation of the combustion produces a lot of smoke, smoke produced with “fire”, as if the sky in the combustion. Simulation of mist, clouds fluttered among the audience.

Laser Simulation

Special scenario simulation of light, such as discos, concerts, glaring color light; simulate the atmosphere of the film.



There are more than 30 kinds of customized effects in the films, like broken beams, bridgecutoff, electric shock, ribbons, and fireworks etc.




Screen System

Metal Screen, high-gain metal screen

Magic Kingdom’s screen system as the most intuitive visual objects can restore the real film scene.

With high gain, high brightness, image is clear, strong curtain, screen surface deformation, long service life; No electromagnetic radiation, energy saving, etc.



Digital Playing System

Magic Kingdom. independent research and develop of science and technology of super compatibility system, provides a wide applicability,

high quality 3D solution, supports both 2 D and 3D movie playing;

Adopt unique color filtering technology, with simple operation, powerful features, equipped with reusable 3D glasses, conducive to environmental protection.



Cinema Control System

Magic Kingdom’s cinema control system is the core parts of the whole technology 4D. The management staff use friendly,

intuitive interface, is used to implement the theater all equipment within the main control and individual control



Digital Audio System

Surrounded by digital stereo system, sound is an important part of theater experience, can fully feeling to the audience.
(1) A new generation of 3D audio formats the sound from the sides of the audience, and even head to traditional theater audio into immersive atmosphere.
(2) Audio control technology makes the wider frequency response range, support audio delay to correct the sound reached to the precise synchronization.
(3) Unique differentiation makes theater, at the same time, fully compatible with existing standards.